Residential Pest Control

Clements’ Florida specific strategy provides an environmentally responsible solution that keeps your indoor environment pest-free throughout the year. Using the most progressive protection plan in the industry, our comprehensive extermination services and quality guarantee have made us the go to choice for Florida homeowners.

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Lawn Care & Fertilizer

Clements’ team of dedicated professionals offers a variety of lawn care programs that can handle any and all of your needs. Clements values Florida’s waterways as much as you do. We’ve teamed up with researchers to develop a blend of nitrogen and phosphate-free fertilizer that is not only environmentally safe, but helps keep your lawn greener and healthier than ever.

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Homeowner Association Partnerships

Call us for a quote or to speak at your next neighborhood association gathering

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Our Guarantee

We take pride in ensuring that your home is safe and your yard is healthy. So if the pests come back, we will too — absolutely free!