CDC ALERT - Illnesses from Mosquito, Tick, and Flea Bites Increasing 

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Illnesses from mosquito, tick, and flea bites have tripled in the U.S., with more than 640,000 cases reported during the 13 years from 2004 through 2016.  Nine new germs spread by mosquitoes and ticks were discovered or introduced into the United States during this time.  This is CDC’s first summary collectively examining data trends for all nationally notifiable diseases caused by the bite of an infected mosquito, tick, or flea. It provides detailed information on the growing burden of mosquito-borne and tick-borne illnesses in the U.S. Read full article here

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Automatic Misting Systems

Clements is an authorized dealer of the industry's leading mosquito misting systems. We install, maintain, and provide warranties for residential and commercial systems with packages starting as low as $58 per month. 

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Special Event Sprays

Planning a special outdoor event? Clements will arrive 6-24 hours prior to your event and conduct barrier spray; eliminating or greatly reducing the number of mosquitoes, gnats, and sand flies that want ruin your good time.


Nothing But Nets

As a proud sponsor to help save lives round the globe, Clements gives a portion of every mosquito system profits to the United Nations "Nothing But Nets" program - providing insecticide-treated bed nets to people in need throughout the developing world.



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Remove the stress of having to store and apply pesticides by choosing a team of responsible professionals you can trust.

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We take pride in ensuring that your home is safe and your yard is healthy. So if the pests come back, we will too — absolutely free!