School is Back... Dont' Let Pests Come Home With Your Students


With a new school year starting, here are several tips to keep your family safe and pest free.  With messy backpacks, dirty lunch boxes and doors left open, your home is at an increased risk to several types of pest – Fruit Flies, Ants, Cockroaches and Mosquitoes.


• Don’t leave fruit out on kitchen counters or tables. Storing fruit in the refrigerator or covering fruit will help prevent attracting fruit flies from outside.

• Make sure leftover fruit in lunch boxes or backpacks is thrown away and trash bags are removed from the home several times a week.


• Clean up sticky spills, snack crumbs, and any leftover food.

• Place a rubber band around lids cookie jars and sugar containers or other sweets.

• Wipe down counters and sweep/vacuum floors after snacks and meals.


• Cockroaches are one of the most common pest found in and around classrooms.

• These pest like to tag along in boxes and backpacks, so be sure that your child’s daily school supplies are regularly cleaned and aired out.

• Be sure to remove any food or snacks from backpacks.


• Protect against bites by wearing long sleeves and use repellents.

• Remove stagnant water from planted pots and bird baths.

• Keep doors and window shut at all times and seal any holes on screened enclosures.

• Call Clements to learn about our mosquito misting systems and event sprays.