Take Those Extra Steps to Protect Your Holidays From Unwanted Pests


Keeping Up with the Kitchen:

  • Keep your holiday leftovers airtight! Rodents and bugs can live off crumbs from days to weeks! Keep fresh fruit in your fridge until you’re hungry and ready to eat! Once finished, place all peels, cores and left overs in baggies BEFORE throwing away. This extra precaution keeps unwanted pest from laying eggs in fruit carcasses.
  • Out of sight does NOT mean out of mind! Pest are more than able to find their way to a trash can, make sure to take out the trash!
  • Keep it in the kitchen (or family room.) The more rooms you eat food in the more unwanted visitors you may attract. Make sure to eat in only certain rooms!

Handling the Household:

  • Keep it clean! Rule number one is, clean regularly, vacuum up those crumbs and SCRUB those dishes! Don’t forget the forgotten rooms also.
  • Make way, here comes the family! With family coming in from near and far, you’re susceptible to pests they might carry in. Place their bags and laundry in the dryer for 30 minutes on the highest heat to eliminate the chance of bed bugs or any other unwanted pests.  

Leave it to us!

  • If all else fails, call Clements Pest & Environmental Services, (772) 562-6450, and we’ll handle those pesky pests for you! We guarantee not a creature will stir, not even a mouse!